SWIM - CLUB SHERWAY - SUNDAYS (OPEN/ PRIVATE LESSONS) 9 Week Package - Starting Sunday November 4th


START DATE: Sunday November 4th, 2018

$25.00 per lesson

Package Breakdown:
Lesson 1: Sunday November 4th
Lesson 2: Sunday November 11th
Lesson 3: Sunday November 18th
Lesson 4: Sunday November 25th
Lesson 5: Sunday December 2nd
Lesson 6: Sunday December 6th
Lesson 7: Sunday December 16th
Lesson 8: Sunday December 23rd
Last Lesson: Sunday December 30th - Class cancelled due to New Years
Last Lesson: Sunday January 6th

You can join a package at anytime and pay the remaining package. 

There are no refunds and make up classes.